Albatross (1/72)

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The model comes with Resin parts, clear vac-form windows, spin-casted undercarriage and MavDecal SAAF decals.

The instructions are done, but not really needed as the model is very easy to build. I would like to thank Hobbiesonline for the 2 "out of production" kits that were donated as reference and base kits for the build.

I also want to thank Zane from MavDecals for the research and input during the build.

The model is based on two kits that were available at some stage. Most of the parts were modified. Windows and access doors were re positioned as a result of modifications done to the donor kits.

I have yet to finish my model, but all parts fits nicely. I only need to finish the paint job and add the needed aerials.

Pictures of the model will be provided as soon as I have completed the model.

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