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Ratel ZT3 (1/35 Scale)

New Release

Bitmap in Ratel ZT3 35 web boxart 
Description:  Ratel ZT3
Scale: 1/35 scale
Price: R1050

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BaxMod is happy to announce the release of the ZT3 Ratel 1/35 scale.
The model has all the familiar interior detail of the current Ratel kits.

However, the ZT3 comes with lots more. 12 x missiles, the missile launcher racks, the interior retrofitted armoured plates and the platform fitted where you would normally find the troop seats.
The turret is detailed with all the ZT3 optical equipment, a new basket layout complete with the seats.

It is a lovely kit.

The new wheels - post 1994 - is also available on request. This however is limited, so please ensure to notify me if this is a requirement.

Please contact me via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further information.


Kwe 100 Fuel Tanker (1/72)


Bitmap in Samil tanker 72 scale boxart

Kwe 100 Fuel Tanker: 1/72 scale - New release The Kwe 100 Fuel tanker is boxed and ready to be ordered. The model comes complete with Resin parts, PE set and decals. Instructions were completed.


Retail price:  R570 - To Order Click HERE

about us

about us

BaxMod is an established scale modelling company. The company was established more than 15 years ago and has an excellent record for meeting the requirements and timelines as stipulated by our clients.

BaxMod has established itself in the advertising, film, development , manufacturing and training sectors throughout South Africa. BaxMod also produces a range of Military model kits, specialising in South African Military vehicles and weaponry.

The range of model available are all interior detailed. The range of models are perfectly detailed and BaxMod enhances and extends the range every year as to ensure the best possible product in a very difficult and demanding marketing environment.

BaxMod utilizes the best available technologies to produce perfectly scaled models. These technologies include resin casting, silicon moulds, CNC router, 3D printing, Laser cutting, Photo-Etching and engraving.